Plush High Rise #1 Airbed of 2019

#1 FOX HIGH RISE (2019)

The Best By A Long Shot

The best king air bed is the Fox Plush High Rise. Luckily, it also comes in a Queen Size.

It’s the only air mattress to date that measures the full king size dimensions 80 x 76 inches. Most king air beds measure the size of a queen bed.

In addition to its roomy sleeping surface, the High-Rise top is one of a kind. The top chamber structure promotes air flow throughout the top of the bed, providing you with consistent luxury. This reduces the “bounce” in the air bed and gives you stability, even all the way to the edges.

You not only can expect comfort, but durability as well. The vinyl is 43 percent thicker than the average bed, making this bed puncture-proof. This kind of durability makes this air mattress a camping must-have. The Fox High-Rise is equipped with a unique valve so you can inflate this bed with an external pump. Sleeping under the stars has never been more comfortable.

A potential downside of these beds is the thicker vinyl adds about 10 pounds to the bed. This is a minor inconvenience because it protects against a much larger problem: a punctured air mattress. We have found that this is the most common complaint among users. The nice thing is Fox Airbeds comes with a great warranty, so you’re sure to be covered for 90 days.

If you’re looking for the best air bed, then this is a top-rated air mattress that comes with an unprecedented weight capacity at 750 pounds. Read more about this air bed’s amazing features by following the link below.


#2 Intex Supreme Air Flow

Impressive Innovation

Intex's best air bed is most definitely the Supreme Air Flow. Available in both Queen and Twin sizes, this bed impresses us for many reasons. First, much like Fox Airbed’s Plush High-Rise, this bed allows air to flow through the bed reducing the bounce effect. This is a definite plus when it comes to two people sleeping on this bed.

Highlights for this bed include the ability to tuck in sheets on the side of the air bed and the two-way pump that inflates or deflates the Supreme Air-Flow quickly.

One of its downsides was not really in the bed but the manufacturer (Intex). Most inflatables come with a lengthy warranty; however, Intex doesn’t offer a warranty on its air beds. For this reason, here at AirBeds4Less, we warranty the beds ourselves for 30 days to give you peace of mind.

Follow the link to watch a video review and learn more about the Intex Supreme Air-Flow.


#3 Aerobed Luxury Pillowtop

Luxury Air Bed, Indeed

AeroBed’s pride and joy is its Luxury collection.

This is one of the most expensive beds that made the list. With such a high cost, you can look for the added benefits that justify this price. Available in Queen, Full and Twin sizes.

The Luxury Collection has a high-tech remote and pump system with seven different comfort settings. AeroBed designed an air bed that was versatile to address a variety of needs. We added this bed to the top ten because of the wide selection of comfort options.

As we mentioned before, one of the downsides of the Luxury Collection has to be the price. The pump and bed are great, but you definitely have to pay for them. The nice thing is you do have a one year warranty to provide peace of mind if something should happen to the bed.

For more information about the AeroBed Luxury Collection, visit the link below.


#4 Intex Ultra Plush

Best Budget Air Bed

Best Cheap Air Bed. When it comes to air mattresses, you generally get what you pay for. Well, the Intex Ultra Plush is a good value for what you buy, which is why this bed easily made the top five. This bed comes with the two-way pump, making inflating and deflating a breeze. You can find the Ultra Plush in both a Queen and Twin size.

The whole bed is covered in flocking, which keeps the sheets in place and prevents the bed from overstretching. Since it doesn’t stretch much, this might prove to be uncomfortable for people used to a softer bed.

Other downsides are similar to the problems with the Supreme Air-Flow. As an Intex air bed, it doesn’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so we offer a 30 day warranty. Because of the flocking, it’s not as comfortable as it could be.

For the price and quality, it’s a great option for those looking for an above average air mattress with a five star price. For more details, follow the link below for a video review.


#5 Fox Airbeds Super Raised

Quality, Cheap Air Bed

Quality Cheap Air Bed. You don’t see many Fox Airbeds priced under $100. Besides the price, this air mattress has some major perks.

The high-powered pump inflates this queen air bed in under a minute and a half. It’s not often that you find an air bed with a remote for this price.

Most of the reviews for this air bed have been positive, and it’s no surprise, since it’s built by one of the air bed industry leaders. The thick vinyl and great warranty is what makes this a top five chart topper. You won’t get a better air bed priced for $70.

The potential downside is the size. This might be the reason for the discount price, but the bed measures a couple inches narrow on the width. Many air beds actually don’t measure true to size, and it really is the best cheap air bed you’ll find.


#6 Aerobed Elevated Headboard

Wonderful Night's Sleep

The AeroBed Elevated Headboard Queen Air Mattress makes number six on the list, and it’s no surprise since AeroBed is innovative in its air mattress design.

This is a stand out product. The headboard keeps your pillows from falling off the bed, and you’re not up against the wall.

There is a noticeable indentation on the sides of the air bed that keeps the sheets from sliding around. Bedding isn’t the only thing that keeps this air mattress comfortable, but the sleeping surface’s coil design keeps you supported all through the night.

AeroBed’s one year warranty is hard to beat, and is a major factor contributing to this year’s chart placement.

Many of the reviews of this bed raved about its comfort and were generally quite positive. A few reviews pointed at this bed might be prone to leaks. Unfortunately this makes sense, since the more welds and seams there are, the higher the likelihood the bed might have a defect. AeroBed’s warranty is a nice counterweight to this problem, and it proves that AeroBed as a company takes care of its customers.

If AeroBed were to make this bed more affordable, than you could see this bed rise a spot or two on next year’s list. For more information, visit the link below.


#7 Intex Quilted Downy

Ultra Plush Little Brother

With the Intex Ultra Plush scoring so well, we had to throw in the little brother as well.

The Intex Quilted Downy Raised Queen Air Mattress has the same structure as the Intex Ultra Plush. It provides above average stability, and is wrapped in flocking to help keep sheets in place.

It has a built-in, two-way pump that is used to inflate and deflate the air mattress. The inflation time is about three minutes, so you’re set up in no time at all.

This bed has a flat sleeping surface, providing you with lots of room. (Other beds can have edges that go up which reduces the overall sleeping surface.) For how roomy it is, this air mattress folds quite compactly. It only weighs 18 pounds, making this quite a portable air mattress compared to other beds in its class.

Potential downsides are, again, that Intex has no manufacturer’s warranty. Before you purchase an Intex air mattress, check with the vendor to see if they offer a warranty. We offer a 30 day warranty on our Intex air beds. While the bed’s light weight is a plus, it means the vinyl is thinner and therefore more prone to punctures. Besides these things, the Intex Quilted Downy is definitely something to consider with great features at a lower price point.

For more details on the Intex Quilted Downy Air Mattress, visit the link below.


#8 Coleman Pillow Top

Best Coleman Air Bed

Coleman has been around for years in the air bed space. Their main priority has been cheaper air beds for camping.

The Coleman Pillow Top is a step above their usual line. It comes with a topper that zips to the bed, which provides comfort and warmth. Something to consider especially while camping.

This air mattress is a rather simple design, however it does come with a one year warranty. This, along with the topper, makes this a great buy for under $150.

You get a brand that has been around for a while, and you have an air mattress to use for when guests come to visit as well.

The potential downsides we found was mainly in the topper. It is worth it to have, but it’s a little thinner than we would’ve liked and it feels cheap. It does zip to the bed so it’s not going to slide around at all which is a nice bonus.

For more details on the Coleman Pillow Top, visit the link below.


#9 Aerobed Pakmat

Hiker's Dream

For an avid hiker, this is Aerobed’s best hiking air bed. Weighing in at just four pounds, but it’s strong enough to be a buffer between you and the elements.

For dedicated campers and hikers, the PakMAt is a definite must-have. The durability of the PakMat is what earned it a spot on our top 10. What sets it apart is it offers more comfort than a larger and more bulky hiker’s mat.

The bed does come with a hand pump that inflates the bed in about two minutes.

The one year warranty should justify the higher price for this twin air bed, if not, the weight and durability most definitely will.

Now to the downsides. It’s a four pound, twin air bed that costs over $100. That might be cheap for those who are really counting the ounces they can fit into their backpack, but using it for a guest bed or normal air mattress there are better and cheaper options.

To get more details on the PakMat, visit the link below.


#10 Classic Aerobed

What Started It All

AeroBed’s Classic Double High is what took air mattresses to a whole new level. This air bed has been around for a long time, and much hasn’t changed in that time.

The air bed industry has improved since the Classic Double High first burst onto the scene; however, it’s still topping charts and that’s why we put it on ours.

What makes it special is its comfort. It gets amazing reviews for a such a simply designed air mattress.

The bed can be inflated with the hand-held pump that is included with purchase. It’s compatible with other external pumps since the valve allows inflation that way.

One of the only downsides to the air bed is the material used. Customers have complained occasionally about their bed springing a leak. As with all AeroBed air mattresses, this bed is covered by a one year warranty, so this should put any concerns to rest.

For more details about AeroBed’s Classic Double High Air Mattress, visit the link below.