Fox Airbeds Blue Raised Queen Air Mattress


Fox Airbeds Blue Raised Queen Air Mattress

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Item #: 90102

Manufacturer: Fox Airbeds

Queen Size: 750 lbs Capacity

Pump Type: Built-In w/ Remote

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Condition: New

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Air Mattress Description

Get in and out of bed with ease on the Fox Airbeds Blue Raised Queen Air Mattress. At 23" tall, it's similar to a box spring and mattress. You even can add standard queen size sheets to make it seem like you never left home. To set up the air mattress, use the tethered remote to inflate. The powerful hi-output, built-in pump inflates the mattress in mere minutes. Once inflated, you can adjust the firmness level by using the tethered remote to get your optimal comfort level without leaving the bed. The air mattress has 60% thicker vinyl to prevent punctures, so it can withstand even the toughest use. This also means the air mattress has a higher weight capacity at 760 lb compared to the regular 600 lb for a queen air mattress. This air mattress is perfect for having guests over or having fun on family movie night.

Air Mattress Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Fox Airbeds
  • Model Number: 90102
  • Model: Blue Raised Air Mattress
  • Queen Size Air Mattress: 57" Wide x 80" Long x 23" Tall
  • 23 Inch Raised Air Mattress: Don't make your guests sleep on the floor. Give them the comfort and feel of sleeping in a real bed
  • Puncture Resistant: This air mattress features vinyl sides and bottoms 60% thicker than most typical air beds; making this air mattress one of the most puncture resistant inflatable beds on the market
  • Built-In Air Bed Pump with Remote: Simply plug this inflatable bed into any home outlet and you'll be ready in minutes. Plus with the tethered remote control you will be able to conveniently adjust your air bed's firmness while lying in bed.
  • 90 Day Warranty: Rest easy knowing you're covered with Fox Airbeds' 90 day warranty
  • Inflation Time: Under 2 minutes
  • Material: 30 gauge (0.66mm) flocked top and 25 gauge (0.56mm) sides, bottom and beams
  • Air Bed Includes: Built-in pump with remote
  • Weight Capacity: 750 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 12 lbs