Plush High-Rise Full Size Air Mattress with Air Bed Pump and Remote


Plush High-Rise Full Air Mattress

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Item #: 15101

Manufacturer: Fox Airbeds

Full Size: 500 lbs Capacity

Pump Type: Built-In w/ Remote

Inflated Size: 54" x 75" x 25"

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Condition: New

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Full Size Air Mattress with Pump Controlled by Remote by Fox Airbeds - Plush High-Rise Air Bed

This full size air mattress is durable and will give you the feeling of sleeping on a real mattress! This bed comes with a remote and built in pump that allow you to easily and quickly inflate and deflate this air mattress. The remote makes it easy to adjust the firmness without getting out of bed. The pillow-top plush surface is soft and luxurious for the great night you have been waiting for. Fox Full Plush High Rise air bed is 60 percent thicker than most air mattresses and is built to withstand even the toughest of use.

Fox Airbeds Full Plush High-Rise Raised Inflatable Air Mattress Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Fox Airbeds
  • Model Number: 15101
  • Model: Plush High-Rise Air Mattress
  • Full Size Air Mattress: 54" Wide x 75" Long x 25" Tall
  • 25 Inch Raised Air Mattress: You or your guest will appreciate how tall this raised air mattress is. Being 25" up off the ground makes this the tallest raised full air bed which makes getting in and out of the bed easy and convenient.
  • Puncture Resistant: What made the King Ultra Plush one of the most popular air mattresses was how thick the vinyl is. Being 60% thicker than leading brands, you will have far less punctures and problems with the Full Ultra Plush that features the same thickness as the top selling King Air Bed.
  • Built-In Air Bed Pump with Remote: Simply plug this inflatable bed into any home outlet and you'll be ready in minutes. Plus with the tethered remote control you will be able to conveniently adjust your air bed's firmness while lying in bed.
  • 90 Warranty: Rest easy knowing you're covered with Fox Airbeds' 90 day air mattress warranty
  • Inflation Time: Under 2 minutes. In fact this super hi-output pump inflates this full air mattress in half the time it takes most full air beds to inflate
  • Material: 30 gauge (0.66mm) flocked top and 25 gauge (0.56mm) sides, bottom and beams
  • Recommended Airbed Sheets: Standard full fitted or flat sheets
  • Color: Light gray top with dark gray sides and bottom
  • Air Bed Includes: Built-In Pump, Travel Bag, Repair Kit, Instructions
  • Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 27 Lbs